Ray Dalio: Company Culture and the Power of Thoughtful Disagreement

This video probably summarizes what I have learned this year not only as an investor, but also as a human being. Do you want your company to make a difference? Create and nurture an outstanding culture. It might sound odd to most people, even from people within, but you have to put your beliefs in practice. That’s how others companies also work. As Dalio puts its, the real difference is either on people or culture.

In his company’s case, the ruthlessly transparent internal environment (forcefully) creates a trustful atmosphere, in which thoughtful disagreement foments knowledge creation. The possible issue: as people are smart in so many different ways, they must appreciate each other and make a team of them – the possible solution: the culture itself. It takes a genius to make it simple, and Dalio indeed did it by building an environment built on truth and thus, trust.

Culture is self-reinforcing.


“My biggest advantage is that I know what I don’t know.”